How might we brand an eco-friendly, family-oriented housing development in a way that feels both trustworthy and cutting edge? 



Spring 2019


Web Design


Real Estate


As young families seek to buy property, an increasingly common requirement from this generation is environmental friendliness. Wright Homes, situated in Phoenix, Arizona, is a new housing development dedicated to constructing homes informed by the natural world and its preservation. Through crafting an ethos-driven community, Wright seeks to bring like-minded individuals together as neighbors.


Wright Homes, named for the extensive archive of Frank Lloyd Wright properties in the Phoenix area, is a unique combination of eco-friendly and affordable. Wright's audience is young but driven by community. In order to appeal to buyers, the brand must be warm, smart, and just a little edgy. Through mixing type styles, clean, minimalist images, and copy driven by a sense of purpose, Wright Homes meets the needs of tomorrow's families, today. 

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