How might we tell the story and share the legacy of a time-honored brand? How can we engage new consumers in the process?



Spring 2019


Web Design


Outdoor & Recreation


Fly fishing is a quiet, ritualistic reprieve from the stress of day-to-day life. Swivel is a fly fishing supplier, inspired by crafting timeless goods and meeting its customers with gusto and high quality gear. To commemorate its 50 year anniversary,  and engage its target audience of men 45 to 60, Swivel seeks to share its decades of craftsmanship through a brand book, packaging design, and an e-commerce site.


Swivel is a brand centered around storytelling—its status as a trusted source for fly fishing supplies is rooted in its history of delivering hardy, tough products. Swivel's story seeps into its brand book, packaging system, and website. In order to reflect the peace that fly fishing brings, Swivel's brand depends on the use of earthy imagery, rich, bold color, and down-to-earth copywriting to evoke a wise, reliable tone. 

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