When branding a furniture design conference, how do we pay homage to the past while also emphasizing important advances in the interior design world? 



Spring 2019




Interior Design


Platform is a conference during which the world's leading furniture and interior design innovators gather to meet and discuss the industry's future. Platform seeks to push boundaries by learning from the past—lending a platform to ideas, craftsmanship, innovation, and new best practices. Crafting a brand system that pays homage to furniture design history is critical to the success of a conference, and to the longevity of the ideas set forth during this meeting of the minds. 


With the vibrant city of Miami hosting this conference, and its focus on furniture design history, Platform's brand is influenced by midcentury silhouettes coupled with classic Miami Deco color. Quirky typography, a beachy color palette, and pun-heavy messaging allow the brand to feel fresh and invigorating without losing its informative and innovative edge. 

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