What if laundry was not tedious, but a bespoke experience? How might we create a packaging system for a custom-formula laundry company?



Spring 2019


Packaging Design


Household Products


Everyone does laundry, but many people engage in different levels of activity, live in vastly different environments, and have varying skin or scent sensitivity. To make matters more complicated, environmentally conscious laundry products are hard to find and not always reliable stain fighters. Rarely does one size fit all, and laundry is no exception. Laverie seeks to make laundry a fun, custom, and above all, a functional process. 


Laverie is a direct-to-consumer, fully customizable laundry product company, delivering eco-friendly and innovative formulas right to customers' doors. To reflect the customizable nature of its product offerings, Laverie utilizes a packaging system with custom labels for each customer. Hand drawn type and patterns lend the brand an approachable, human look that is well differentiated from other laundry companies.

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