How might we brand a women's-only gym that is neither too pretty nor too gritty, but rather, energetic and clever?



Spring 2018


Web Design


Health & Wellness


Now more than ever, women are seeking dedicated spaces to conduct business, showcase art, network, and more.  A women's only gym offers a safe, fun, community-oriented place to exercise and meet new people. Barbelle is a new kind of workout experience designed by women, for women. In order to access its  young female audience, Barbelle must embody fun and inclusivity at every touchpoint, from its website to
print collateral. 


Many products or services marketed to
women fall into the same tropes. Barbelle is a brand that is not only tough and strong, but also fun and sweet. By using active type, cheeky copywriting, and punchy color, Barbelle embodies the modern woman and differentiates from other gyms in the market. Barbelle's use of empowering imagery further illustrate its commitment to supporting and empowering women through communal physical activity. 

Barbelle Homepage mockup in Macbook@2x.png
Barbelle_Long Mockup.png